Right guys, my dad's boss at work (Car dealership) is selling the company and needs basically a server with the same features as the one they currently have, so he can take it away and do various accounting stuff.

Now although the current server does have rather server-orientated hardware (specs in a minute), he specified that the new one does NOT have to be server hardware, just run NT4, Peak (their database software), etc. So it can be a simple PC like perhaps most of us use as servers at home, or it can be a cheap server.
Now the software side I'm having nothing to do with, cos I know nothing about it, but I might be able to help with the hardware.

Specs of the old server (which is staying at the business, not being taken away) are as follows:

Dual 933MHz P3s
Some VIA mobo (judging by the make of hte IDE controllers... Lol )
Two Seagate ST340810A (40GB, IDE) hdds
And here's the important bit... A tape drive - HP hp35480A, taking DDS-90 tapes.

There's the spec. He wants something built/bought which has the similar power.

So I ask you, where can I buy or build a computer with similar power to that (cheap will do, doesn't have to cost thousands), and more importatntly, where do I get an identital, or compatable, tape drive?

Thanks for the help guys.

If you need more info, just AAsk