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Thread: Decent low profile AGP graphics card?

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    Question Decent low profile AGP graphics card?

    I'm looking for a decent low profile graphics card, preferably something in the new series of cards. I've seen an MX440 and a GeForce 5200, and I've read about an X300 low profile card, but not seen it anywhere for sale. Any ideas?

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    I think some of the Radeon 9550s are low profile too (they won't come with a low profile bracket but should fit in a slim desktop case or a 2u rackmount as long as you take the bracket off... some manufacturers might supply a low profile bracket for them if you ask them nicely)

    Low profile 9550SE (LE = nasty 64-bit memory bus)

    Anything more powerful than that and they're all full size AFAIK (x300 are PCI-E only AFAIK)

    Oh and there's 5500 here too:

    (5500 = 5200 with a 128 bit mem bus instead of the 64 bit mem bus the 5200s normally have)

    Actually... (I kept searching as I wrote this)... How about a 5700LE:

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    Excellent, just the sort of info I was looking for!

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