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Thread: Rampage V Extreme (u3.1) vs Sabertooth (X99)

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    Rampage V Extreme (u3.1) vs Sabertooth (X99)

    So I got hold of a 5930K for a decent price and some 2400Mhz TeamGroup Ram.

    Now I need to find a motherboard.

    So Current leanings are between the Rampage V and Sabertooth X99

    Reasons for each;

    More USB3 ports/sata ports/PCI-E ports
    Better OC tools (Bios button etc)
    Better Mosfet Cooling (I will be OCing quite a bit)
    4x PCI-E slots
    Apparantly better sound - but am told it isnt as good as it sounds?
    Wifi/Bluetooth Support (handy but not essential for me)

    More Expensive
    No Dust Caps
    Less "durable" than the TUF ones.
    And a lot of gimmicks I probably wont use.

    Dust Caps
    More Reliable
    Significantly Cheaper

    Lacks some PCI-E Slots and USB Slots

    So what are proples thoughts on these 2?


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    Re: Rampage V Extreme (u3.1) vs Sabertooth (X99)

    They're both flagship boards so it's not an obvious choice between them. If you're really intent on pushing the OC, then Rampage V was designed more with that in mind, and has a lot of OC-specific features. However, if you check the reviews of the TUF you'll see it can match the R5E on its day.

    The only things that I noticed you didn't mention is that the USB 3.1 is integrated on the Sabertooth, and it's an add-in card on the R5E; and the Sabertooth supports 3-way SLI whilst the R5E supports 4-way SLI.

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