As the title says I'm looking to get off my ass when using a computer. I know it's a bad idea to just stand all the time, just like it's bad to sit all the time, so it make sense to get something that adjusts.

I've been looking at Varidesk, has anyone here used one of their products? I was looking at getting their Pro Plus 30 model. From what I've read it's got a great build quality but inflexible in that it only adjusts up to one level. It would be nice to hear from someone who's been using one for a while.

I know Ikea have a cheap adjustable standing desk, Bekant, but I don't image it would last long for that price. Anyone got any long term feedback on this?

I'm looking to spend about £300-£500 but do I need to save more to get a better quality product?

Thanks in advance