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Thread: A8V-E Deluxe

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    A8V-E Deluxe

    have taken my planning for a A8N SLI down a notch, deciding that my plan to get a second 6600gt in a few months time is pointless as revision two of that board will prolly be out by then

    so anyway i have decided to get change my motherboard to something else
    the first one i came across was this A8V-E deluxe, its the forth one down on this

    now, i have been frantically looking for reviews of this board but cant find anything, it seems to have the same physical architecture as the A8N SLI but i think it has a nforce 3 chipset, really all im asking for here is details on the board and perhaps a link to a review

    so if anyone has any techie treats on this board can they post them please? thanks very much

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    It's K8T890 based and is a single PCI-Express. Not the same at all, but should be interesting. It is NOT SLI.

    The A8N-E (just above the A8V-E) is the NF4, but again no SLI.
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