hello! new to the hexus forums, but read articles now and then,

windows 10 is being pushed on to devices ranging from computers to mobile phones and since microsoft describe it is a seamless experience i would like to know how they dealt with age old issues they have on their OS.

proxy- sure having a desktop for work at office might not deal with the need to change it's proxy settings , since it is stationary. but it becomes a everyday issue with laptops, i have to manually change LAN settings for different locations because my laptop is used for both work and play. this is where it becomes my concern , will this issue arise with the phones in lumia series. is there an easy way implement this like the in android and iOS devices, where they have different profiles for different wifi connections (please mind that i have never used a win10 phone).

in-short: do they have a system to quickly change proxy settings (unlike seen on win 10 laptops)