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Thread: Hyperdrive III?

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    Hyperdrive III?

    RAM Memory based OS has been mentioned in the past on these forums but has anyone seen the new Hyperdrive III that HyperOS have released? It takes up to 16Gb of DRAM and works on ATA100 just like a HDD. According to them, you can install Windows XP on it in just under 4 minutes and it will "instant boot" after the bios checks. There are some technical issues of course with this idea. The Hyperdrive III needs constant power otherwise you lose all the data stored in it (it does have a backup battery however). But this idea still seems pretty good to me, mechanical HDDs are very slow when compared to RAM which has no moving parts (silent bliss!) and I can see this being the future of PCs. Obviously at the moment it would cost a fortune to get this. The Hyperdrive III (£400) plus 16Gb of DDR RAM would set you back about 3 or 4 grand in total for a technology that is still in it's early days, but wouldn't you just love to see how Half-Life 2 runs on one of these with Dual SLi 6800 Ultras?

    Click here to see the Hyperdrive III specs sheet
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    Yes I saw it and for about half an hour thought that I wanted, nay, needed it.
    Did you notice that the HyperOS website doesn't exactly explain that the "drive" is not at all RAM populated? Hopefully no one has been caught out.
    They quote that the sustained transfer rate (STR) for an ATA133 drive is up 55Mb/sec and the Hyperdrive is about 93Mb/sec. Anyone know what the STR for a yet to exist (?) SATA II drive might be?
    I reckon you'd need at least 6Gb of RAM to make it barely viable as a WinXP gaming system and RAM prices are just too high for that much memory.

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    intersting to see how this pans out though, ive read about theses static ram devices, intreuged to say the least
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    6Gb of memory will run you about £480 and add £500 for the Hyperdrive inc vat, so less than a grand all in.

    Probably will improve over the next few months as RAM prices take their end of (chinese) year dip, and demand increases for ddr2.

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