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Thread: Corsair XMS Xpert Preview

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    Corsair XMS Xpert Preview

    When it comes to products with a 'cool factor', Corsair's XMS Xpert memory definitely has a lot going for it. An LED display on your RAM? Which can accept custom messages of your choosing? That's beyond cool, and entering the realms of genius. Putting that to one side, there's also a practical use for this product too, particularly for the keen overclocker who wants to keep a close eye on all his system components - What better way to keep tabs on your memory than through the display seen here? Even in an enclosed case, there's still Corsair's Memory Dashboard to monitor all the vital statistics of your precious RAM modules.
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    v kewl,bit chunky tho LMAO! taking my ram to the next stage bit ofbad idea for dual channel tho eh... buit tight fit...
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