I'm having problems with my motherboard shutting down, basically I shut down windows XP, and after it finishes clearing up and gets rid of the message dialog box, the Power LED just blinks, I don't even get a "It is now safe to turn off your computer" message.. it just has a blank screen with the same background colour as set for the Default User profile.. it just stays there and does nothing.

This occurs with SP1 & 2 Installed, I decided to test my origional WinXP disk and see what happens, the board rebooted instead of halting on said screen, which was interesting/different, however it doesn't shed any light on the problem.

rebooting works fine, it seems to only occur when i shutdown only.

I tried clearing the CMOS and using the default BIOS settings.. i tinkered around with all kinds of combinations of Power Management options, changing the ACPI system type driver in Windows... nothing, always the same thing.

And something else I have noticed while using envrioment monitoring programs is the CPU and Northbridge/System temps and fan speeds are reversed.. the BIOS Env. Monitor shows these figures correctly.

I'm begining to think that the ACPI circutry in my motherboard is faulty.. any suggestions before i stop banging my head against the wall and *attempt* to phone Overclockers UK for a replacement?