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Thread: Memory utilities

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    Memory utilities

    Can't think of the names of hand but they are usually things like ramboost etc. Are these utilities any good/worth installing?

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    Prime95, and disabling the Windows Paging Executive, thats the only two memory thingys needed software wise imo.. I tried these so-called memory boosters in the past, and they are all a pill of crap, the only thing they seemed to do was manipulate paging and clearing memory leaks (which was great during the Win9x era, but pointless for NT based). most of the time the acctual program consumed more memory than it cleared up..

    These days RAM is litterly being given a way for nothing (competitions), 1Gb of RAM is afordable if you stay in the budget range, so 'Memory Optimisers' are pretty much redundent. Thats my thoughts at least, anybody disagree?.
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    Generally, they don't work at all. You may want to look into over clocking for that extra power if you need it.

    And yeah, I agree if you really need more ram it is fairly cheap. (yeah, and even given away )

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