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Thread: Akasa Fan Controller Pro - setup questions

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    Akasa Fan Controller Pro - setup questions

    Hi !

    I have posted the enclosed message on the right2reply forum.
    However it appears that the forum I originally chose is not very active.
    I hope I can receive some valuable feedback here.

    Here is my post :

    I bought one of these for my new custom PC.
    It looks great.
    In terms of its functionality it does NOTHING at the moment except
    that it entertains my 5 year old daughter
    (she loves flipping the LCD panel colours).

    My case is the CM Stacker with two 4-in-3 modules and the cross fan.
    All together there are 5 chassis fans installed :
    - 2x 12cm front intakes
    - 1x cross fan (intake)
    - 1x 12cm rear exhaust
    - 1x 8cm top exhaust
    On top of that there are CPU, 2x PSU (Enermax Noisetaker) and GPU fans !!!
    Never mind. The noisiest fan is the CPU one (Intel's "standard/reference" one).

    I have two issues to sort out before this beauty can do anything (else) useful.

    1. All the case fans came with 2 wire cables and Molex plugs.
    So as it stands I cannot connect them to the unit.
    I guess, to fully utilise the unit's control functionality I would need to
    replace some of the case fans (all except the cross fan, I suppose).

    2. I am not certain where EXACTLY place the temperature sensors.
    Any clues or suggestions ?
    Lets consider the CPU sensor.
    Where shall I place it in relation to the processor and its fan ?
    Or the case sensor. The case is huge so where shall I place it ?
    I guess somewhere in the upper part of the system, as the hot air
    tends to travel up, and close to the key components. But where exactly ?
    OK, the choice is mine but I wonder what kind of ideas you guys may have.

    Thanks and Regards


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      • PSU:
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      • Case:
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    Place the CPU temp sensor as close to the base of the fan, you will get near as damn the socket temperature, put one on the entry to the PSU fan sucking your hot air out. The sensors that come with this sort of stuff arent meant to be placed between the chip and heatsink as they are vulnerable to pressure and wont work if pressed. My advice is to get motherboard monitor 5, to get the exact temperature of the CPU from the diode and place a sensor on the heatsink and see how much it increases when under load, i.e when playing games.

    Otherwise I think there pretty pointless, as long as you can turn the fans down you can monitor the temperature through MOBO monitor 5!

    Hope this helps


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    Many thanks.
    Yes, you are right.
    I am using mobo monitor already so all these sensors are ... a bit over the top, I agree.
    I will place the CPU sensor where you sugessted.
    I can actually keep moving it around looking for any "hot spots" etc.

    re: fans
    I will get some fancy replacement fans (with LEDs !!! and with ball bearings, of course).
    This should resolve problems with rev control (connectors) and rev monitoring (2/3 wires).
    It will just cost another £30 or so.
    But what is £30 when I have already spent £xxxx !


    I came across a very similar post to mine (posted well over a year ago).
    I am lucky as I got a reply to mine.
    That other chap playing with this Akasa's gadget was less lucky - nobody replied.
    Does it mean this controller is just a gadged and nothing more ?
    OK, it still keeps my daughter occupied !

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