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Thread: any sn85g onwers in here

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    any sn85g onwers in here

    Ive just bought a v1 sn85 with a 3400 clawhammer what im wondering is how have you got on with it overlcoking wise and can you make adjustments to the vdimm unilike the sn45g?

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    In my opinion overclocking options with the V1 of the SN85G4 are very limited. The ALU ICE makes overclocking in a stock system not a very good idea and it’s not Shuttle’s finest hour when it comes to heat levels and dispersion (the V2 and V3 are much better in this regard).

    If you’re happy to spend some time modding the Shuttle (ICE mods, FAN change, cut out the over-thick grill, better sinks etc.) you can get some reasonable overclocking head room.

    There is limited scope for voltage edits’ on RAM, CPU etc. and a good range of FBS options. The options to get the most out of your RAM is poor at best.

    A solid AMD64 SFF (as soon as I finish modding mine it will be my main PC) but overclocking is not this SFF’s strong point.
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