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Thread: Speed difference between raptor and diamondmax 300gb 16mb sata drive?

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    Speed difference between raptor and diamondmax 300gb 16mb sata drive?

    My main 200gb drive is dying so I need to replace it. Recently bought a diamondmax 300gb 16mb sata drive. I was going to use this drive purely for my pvr.

    Would there be much difference in speed between this drive and a 74gb raptor as I am considering still using the 300gb just for my pvr and getting a raptor to use as my main drive. If there isn't much difference in speed, I may as well partition the 300gb(haven't yet installed it so shouldn;t be a prob partitioning it) and use part of it as my main drive(say 100gb) and rest for my pvr.

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    Why not set up the 300GB on its own to see if you're happy with the performance?
    Yes it will be slower than the raptor, and on top of that using 2 drives gives additional performance benefits. But what you've never known, you'll never miss!
    You can always buy the raptor later and move the OS across.
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    When you get 30-40 GB of data on the drive the 300GB will outperform the Raptor in all likelihood. The best way to go may be a 36GB Raptor for the OS and your 300GB for everything else. Depends on your budget really. 2 36GB Raptors in RAID 0 are much faster than a single 74GB and costs about the same if your motherboard supports hardware RAID.

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