Hi Peeps,

I have an SB51G, with an AIW7500, but I want to use a PVR150, and maybe replace the AIW7500 with just a normal gfx card that does tv out...

However, I'm using what I've got at the moment.. But, if i have both the 7500 and the PVR installed, the shuttle will not boot... it just sits there, doing nothing. The H/D spins up, but then it just stops and doesnt boot, there is no output to the screen, infact, the screen thinks there is no output signal.

Now, I have set the shuttle to use the onboard/agp graphics card not the PCI one, and when the PVR isnt in it boots fine. When the 7500 isnt in but the PVR is then the shuttle boots fine using the onboard VGA.

I have the 250w SilentX psu so I dont think power is a problem. But now i'm stuck at what to try next...

Please help