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Thread: Price Check - Abit Board and XP2400

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    Price Check - Abit Board and XP2400

    Ok got no idea what this is worth, I have a Abit KD7 motherboard here, just the bare board and fitted in it an Athlon XP 2400 AIUHB0248TPFW.

    So anyone got any idea what its worth? Need the cash and its going in the FS forum when I have a rough idea of cost.

    If you want it don't go givin me a cheap price ya here

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    The processor is an unlocked Tbred B, so you might get £35inc for it. The board is a good one but a bit aged now and it can't do 200FSB without running the PCI bus out of spec- so maybe £20inc. You could offer them as a bundle for £50inc and take offers if there aren't any takers.

    I have no interest BTW- I'd like the processor but I can't afford it.

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