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Thread: ATi + Java + BSOD?

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    ATi + Java + BSOD?

    Seems that Java is being annoying for me lately. Recently i had trouble getting netbeans 4.1 to work for some weird reason so installed the latest version of the JDK (v5 update 3). My IDE continued not to work so upon playing around with things i loaded Java up and then tried to open the Java console and blam, i got a BSOD. Bear in mind it's been a long long time since i've had a BSOD so this is a very rare occurence. Now the BSOD indicated it was a problem with an ATi DLL file which shouts to me there may be some conflict going on?

    Now I'm saying this now and only once, this BSOD only occurs when i try and open up the Java console (right click on the Java icon and open the console). I'm running 5.4 cats as well. I'm going to revert back to my ghost backup and reinstall the JDK and install the latest Cats but i wanted someone just to test it for me first to see if it is an actual issue or it's a bad install of Java on my machine. Not sure if anyone knows if there's any issues?


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    Cats 5.6 are out now so the first thing I'd suggest is to upgrade.
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