In my shuttle system I have two Seagate drives, which are 120GB and 200GB in size, both with 8mb cache and are of the 7200.7 variety.

I've just upgraded my WD 120GB drive to a Seagate 200GB SATA 7200.7 drive in my main system and pretty disapointed with the noise. I upgraded as the warranty on the WD had finished and it was pretty noisy. I am happy with the Seagates in my shuttle as they are very quiet all the time, however, with this SATA Seagate it seems to be very noisy when accessing the drive. Currently copying files from my old WD to the Seagate and it's quiet, but when booting up windows or launching IE it makes a very noticable accessing noise.

I assumed that the drives would be the same but the interface different, is something wrong with Seagate SATA drives?