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Thread: hard drive error

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    hard drive error

    hello everyone ! as mentioned in a previous post i have just purchased a 3500 venice core everything seems to be going gr8 i have a nice over clock of 2600 and the chip will quite happily run games aqua mark and 2003 3d mark at 2800 mhz, but since installing the new chip (this may be coincedence but i doubt it!) my hard drive has been playing up i.e the system cannot find the hard drive in post and when i go to the bios the hard drive isnt detected in there either, at first i thought it was perhaps a faulty ide cable so i switched the h d ide with the cd/dvd rom ( both same speed 133 leads) and this has made no difference the h d in question is a maxtor 7200 rpm 80 gig which i have had for over a year it was purchased from a close friend who also used it for over a year, (could the hd just be at the end of its life cycle!) i say this because of the strange clicking noise which sometimes occurs( you know the kind you get when its going to reboot) i,ve ran the system at stock speeds and this still occurs which to me rules out the hi overclock, when this happens i just have to keep rebooting the system until it reads the h/d could anyone possibley shed any light on this for me many thanks guys in advance

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    "STrange clicking noises"

    I had some of them, a week later my hard drive was exactly the same as yours.

    I ended up finding an exact same hard drive (model, batch etc...) and switching the PCBS over, getting the data off, then RMAing the drive
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