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Thread: How much do you think I could sell this system for?

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    How much do you think I could sell this system for?

    As I'm upgrading this month, I will have enough parts left over to build a complete system which i might as well sell. What do you reckon is the most I could get for it? (not just what you would pay for it)...

    * Pentium 4 2.66Ghz (northwood)
    * 768 MB of RAM
    * Sapphire 9800 pro
    * 80 Gig HDD
    * MSI Board with AC97 5.1 sound
    * Pioneer 106 DVDRW
    * Sony CRX210E1 CDRW
    * Coolermaster Centurion 2 black case
    * MS wireless optical keyboard & mouse (V.2)

    Thanks again!

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    Depends who you sell it two.

    I doubt you will sell it as a system unless you sell it to someone local (which might be best - aviods shipping costs).

    Many of the bits would sell if you were to split the system and sell it on here, but some of the parts wouldnt sell atleast not for what they are worth.

    I would say £350-450 is what its worth as complete base unit + kb/mouse

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