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Thread: need a gfx card..

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    need a gfx card..

    for my sn95g5. i've got a 9800 pro in there at the mo, which i'm perfectly happy with performance-wise, but its too damn noisy. is there a decent quieter card that will fit into the space? i looked at the ultimate edition but didnt think it'd fit.. i dont mind something that is noisy in games, but dont want it to be noisy all the time - so variable fanspeed is definately an option..

    either that, or should i fanbus it? maybe put a rheostat on the back of the pc.. | I have sigs turned off..

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    What about many of the good single slot coolers that are out there for the 9800 Pro? That would be the cheapest option surely?

    Failing that I have a Gainwood 6800 LE in one of mine, thermal fan so quiet as a mouse on the desktop but I had to disable the red LED's on the GFX heatsink .
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