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Thread: NF4 driver problem

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    NF4 driver problem

    I was uing the 6.39 drivers and I keep getting random crashing which seems related to sound (winamp, and games crash)

    If I ue the nvidia eithernet port (and not the marvell one) I also get a BSOD when windows starts

    I just tryed installing the 6.66 drivers but got error "1155"

    Seems all the drivers updated, apart from the "Network management tools" which is suppost to be 4.88 but is still 4.68

    Whats the proper way to install chipset drivers? I usually just intall them over the top without removing first or running drivercleaner...

    What the best version to use?
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    Ive never had a problem with chipset drivers.

    Id suggest using driver cleaner, then installing 6.66 from fresh.

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    Did you remove the drivers in safe mode?

    I personally use the latest Nforce AMD edition 6.66

    I remove the old drivers within safe mode
    But i make sure that i dont restart the PC,

    then i run driver cleaner pro and remove anything to do with nforce from that.
    Then i install the new drivers and then i restart the PC and that it go into windows.

    And thats normally it.

    Hope this helps you.
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    I had exactly the same, so erm, installed old ones - worked fine. Was only trying to stop everquest crashing anyway

    if you look in the extracted ethernet driver directory, it looks... lacking. Think somethings dodge - going to try downloading from different mirror.


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