Hello all Hexus readers,

I am pleased to announce that the Tagan Easycon series power supply units are now in stock from the following re-sellers initally due to limited stock.


The Tagan Easycon series is a modular PSU, so just plug in the cables that you require. The benefit is that it will ensure a better air flow and a tider PC. The EasyCon series complies to the latest Intel ATX 12V 2.01 standard, the unique switch at the back of the PSU will allow you to either combine or split the 12V rails. The Easycon series comes fully SLi ready equipped with 20-24 pin and 4-8 pin transformable mainboard connectors. The two PCI Express and two VGA/HDD cable are made with the highest quality EMI shielded cables to ensure smooth power output from the PSU.

The RRP for the EasyCon series are as follow. Please note that all pricing are exclusive of VAT.

TG430-U15 £57.99
TG480-U15 £69.99
TG530-U15 £74.99
TG580-U15 £79.99