Okay, this is a blatant copy of a thread at team pheonix rising :

Download Winbench 99 from here it's the one called wb9920.exe and is 9mb.


1. Install it, run the program, read the agreement and scroll down, click ok.

2. In the functions window change the drop down to selected tests.

3. Click remove all and add the following tests only;

Disk Access Time & Disk Transfer Rate

4. If you need to test a disk other than C: click 'test settings' and select the disk of choice.

5. Ok the dialogue and click on the timer icon to run the tests.

Post your best scores for

Starting Transfer Rate
Ending Transfer Rate
Access Time in ms

Simple.....oh and don't forget a description, disk types, raid cards, and if the partition is for the full disk.

I'll set a minor challenge for you to beat....

A single WD2000JB (system drive) in my dual xeon scored:-

1. Start = 54800 Thousand Byte /sec or 54.8mb/s
2. End = 54700 Thousand byte /sec or 54.7mb/s
3. Access Time = 12.2ms

This is for the first 16gb of the disk.....


here's some other hard drives I've tested (best first):

Samsung SP0802N 80gb 7,200 2mb cache (my current new drive)
Windows 2000 - 10gb C: NTFS
Beginning : 62,200
End : 60,400
Access Time : 9.11


FAT32 7.69GB C: partition Windows 2000 :

Disk Transfer Start : 49200
Disk Transfer End : 48700
Disk Access Time 12 1/2

Also the Speed / Noise thing is turned down on this hard drive as well, so it's quieter too. (Using IBM Feature Tool)


WD800AB 80gb 5,400rpm 2mb (noise AAM set to quietest)
Windows 2000 : Drive C: 10gb NTFS

Beginning : 42,300
End : 41,600
Disc Access Time : 10.8


WD100BB 10gb 7,200 2mb
Windows 98SE Drive C: Fat32

Beginning : 31,400
End : 22,800
Disc Access Time : 14.7