Anybody who browses these forums regulary knows I just got my new rig up and running. I'm running the preferred combo (Abit NF7-s rev 2 and JIUHB 1700+). Decided to start overclocking today and pushed the system up to 185 FSB and 9X multiplier. Booted into windows no problem. As windows is loading MSN, Norton, etc. I get a blue screen of death with all these weird characters on it. I figured I pushed to high on the FSB (which I thought was still failry low) and backed off. Tried again at 180 FSB and the same thing happens, except this time I saw the words 'Memory Management' in the blue screen. Rebooted, brought the FSB down to 174 and ran MEMTEST. Got nothing but errors. Go back to bios, set everything to default (1700+ settings) and everything boots fine. Run Memtest, no errors. I have 1 GB of Kingston Hyper X PC 3500 ram. I've not played with the timings at all, I was letting the Mobo decide all that. So what's the story with this? Any suggestions or advice?

P.S. Sorry for the long post -