CPU Cooler Antarctica - CPU01/A 10mm

The CPU Cooler Antarctica block is the ultimate block for high performance and overclocking. Based on pure Copper and equipped with STREAM CHANNELS™ which facilitates a very fast distribution of heat from the inlet point this is the ultimate tool for the extreme enthusiast.

Key benefits

Reduction of CPU core temperaturs at max load by 40-70%.

Significantly improved CPU stability.

Broadest application versatility on the market.

Two water outlets for more aggressive water flow.

Extreme overclocking potential.

10 times more effective than air cooling.

Can be fully integrated with both WaterChill and other third party water cooling solutions.

The CPU01/A1 10mm WaterChill CPU Cooler Antarctica - the most effective on the market!! - includes:

WaterChill CPU Cooler Antarctica supporting

INTEL S478, AMD SOCKET A (S462), AMD ATHLON FX (S939/S940) & AMD ATHLON64 (S754)


ALL fittings and mounting

Price incl. VAT includes worldwide shipping door-to-door.

For a detailed presentation of this WaterChill CPU Cooler Antarctica please access the Products section of asetek.com


BUT... i had to clip off one side of the lid (which is replaceable from asetek btw) where the hole was for the socket 754/939/940 fitting (due to mother layout) - so the only difference is that without a new lid you can't use it for anything other than socket A / 478. Otherwise perfect and a brillant cooler - just come of my socket A system.
So obviously a bargain buy for someone i guess.