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Thread: crackly sound on sk41g?

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    crackly sound on sk41g?

    hi there

    my beloved sk41 has worked flawlessly since day 1 i bought it about 2 months ago but last nite i went to play an original dvd on it and for some reason everythin just went deadly slow and the sound started crackling and hissing forcing me to manually restart the computer as ctrl,alt,del just wasnt working at all after 5 or 6 trys

    anyway after it had rebooted the sound is still the same and i cant understand why,ive uninstalled the sound and reinstalled it again but still it is the same, can any1 gimme any tips other than having to format?

    the crackly sound is similar to that of a pair of blown speakers,but i know my speakers cant be blown as there pretty new and have never seen a volume level above level 2,the particular speakers are creative Sound Blaster SBS250 Speakers which obviously arent fantastic but they were well worth the £15 for what i needed them to do!

    thnx in advance
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    Same here

    I have the same crackly noise, funny thing is that I only have it when logged on as normal user. If I log on as root (which is generally not a good idea) I don't get the strange noise (I run Gentoo Linux on it). Funny, innit?

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