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Thread: Fact or Fiction s940 to s939 Opteron mod

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    Question Fact or Fiction s940 to s939 Opteron mod

    Now this struck me as a little bizarre, but on a random trawl of tech forums i came across someone claiming to hace turned a s940 opteron inti a s939 one, just by removing a pin from the chip. Claimed it worked in a s939 board too.
    Now i'm not about to hack up my Opti 150 (overclocked to 2580 - 12x215), but surely it's still need ecc reg ram to run no?

    Anyone else seen reference to such a mod working?
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    In the original 939 reviews it was stated MANY times that a simple snapping off of the pin had no chance of getting it into, let alone rnning on a 939 board.. total rubbish if you ask me.

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