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Thread: Weird BIOS problem?

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    Weird BIOS problem?

    Looking for some advise on some what I believe might be a BIOS based problem.

    Been running this mobo for a couple of months now, and had no initial problems. Had XP and X64 running sweet, until what seems like when I flashed my BIOS.

    I cannot recall what revision it was, but I have since flashed 10+ times from the Asus Windows based flasher with no resolution to my problems, tonight being the worse of the lot.

    The problems I have are, after a flash the first reboot is no longer succseful, in fact by now neither is the second, third, fourth etc etc. After taking out the mobo battery and resetting CMOS via jumper it's then hit or miss. Sometimes getting the Asus BIOS logo, and then nothing, then it will go as far as the BIOS, then it will hang after detecting hdd and cds, you get the picture.

    So usually after numerous repeats of the above, I get as far as windows.

    Then when a new BIOS ( beta and official on the site ) I try in hope that it will solve the problem, alas after just trying the new 1008 around 30min ago, the amount of trying to be able to just boot BIOS was longer than ever.

    Wondering if anyone has seen or had this problem with any resolution that can help?

    If of any extra help it seems around the same time, even after reformatting, and even going back to XP32 I have been having a increase in BSOD, irq_equal and many other versions of the dreaded BSOD. It seems that after resetting the Crucial Ballistix to 200mhz instead of their actual running speed of 250mhz the BSOD seem to dry up, but not the BIOS problems.

    Motherboard : Asus A8N-SLi Premium (tried all the last 5 BIOS from Asus site)
    CPU : X2 4400+
    GFX : BFG 7800GTX OC
    PSU : Enermax 600W
    RAM : 2 x 1GB Crucial Tracer Ballisitx
    HDD : WD Raptor 74GB + 5 other HDD 2 on RAID SATA slots

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    Can’t say I’ve had your particular problem, but all the motherboards I’ve had in the past have said to reset the CMOS after flashing. Also, when resetting your CMOS I believe you are supposed to switch off the power at the plug.

    Run MemTest86, see if you get any errors. If the BSOD are clearing up after lowering the FSB then maybe that tells you something. The BIOS flash could just be a coincidence.
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