Hey gus i am now the Proud owner of a shuttle SN45G! thanks to every one for there advice and help. It was pretty easy to setup no hicups, System spec are ==>
SN45G- 2500+ (AQXEA), 256XMS3200 Corsair x2, 80Gig hd, Asus 52x Cdrw, and MSi Fx5200 ( dont laugh!!). Works awesome, i Put win xp pro on it and its running quite smooth. I plan i upgrading the video in a month or so to a 9600pro at least but for now its doing the job. I got lucky with the cpu i almost crapped my self when i saw the stepping . I found a site that makes clear case's for shuttle i plan on hooking that up and add some blow holes in the case. Iam kinda lucky that i live about 10mins from the beach so its pretty chilly around my apartment so temps have not been a problem but cooler is always better. Thanks again!!