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Thread: Opty System Plz... Find Me a Tasty System... Cheap!

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    Question Opty System Plz... Find Me a Tasty System... Cheap!

    First of all... do i want the 144 or the 146? bearing in mind i wanna oc' the fock outta it
    then mobo which mobo shows the best potential with opteron overclocking?
    after that... what ram 1/2gb and what ram would you recommend for overclocking?as i currently have 512mb corsair xms pro3200 with 18LED hsf and 1gb (2x512) GeIL value ram in my current a7n8x-e dlx setup...
    then what psu? bearing in mind i wanna have alotta stuff plugged in... like cold cathodes, 2/4 80mm's or maybe 2 120mm's, cpu hsf molex, single sli molex, 2 ide hdds 1/2 sata's, 1 DVDRW, no floppy.
    erm whats next hmmm, wouldnt mind a tasty " BFG GeForce 7800 GT OC
    256MB GDDR3" or a suitable overclockable alternative? or do you people think that would overclock nicely or run nice gfx at stock?
    suitable cpu hsf for overclocking?
    nice dvdrw.
    300gb hdd sata or ide...
    think thats prolly all of it. so what could you people source for me at a nice price? it doesnt matter if its from different sites but from one preferrably as i have to pay postage on each site otherwise

    cheers for all suggestions

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    Probably hard to find a cheaper, really competent overclocker than the ABIT AN8-V. edit: Optis definitely work on AN8s
    Of course you could always get an Asrock DualSATA for under £50 if price is a major issue.

    As for PSU I would go with a Tagan 480W or better.
    Thermalright XP-90 for HS although there are plenty of options
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    • iranu's system
      • Motherboard:
      • Asus Maximus Gene VI
      • CPU:
      • 4670K @4.3Ghz
      • Memory:
      • 8Gb Samsung Green
      • Storage:
      • 1x 256Gb Samsung 830 SSD 2x640gb HGST raid 0
      • Graphics card(s):
      • MSI R9 390
      • PSU:
      • Corsair HX620W Modular
      • Case:
      • Cooler Master Silencio 352
      • Operating System:
      • Win 7 ultimate 64 bit
      • Monitor(s):
      • 23" DELL Ultrasharp U2312HM
      • Internet:
      • 16mb broadband
    Want us to wipe yer ass aswell

    Opty 146 has a 10x multi and as the multi's are under unlocked and the price is only a few ££ more than a 144 then I am going 146 for the flexibility.

    Mobo - DFI lanparty ut nf4 series thingymabob is pretty good and optys work on these boards.

    Gfx - BFG 7800GT is a solid card and they do oc quite well, best bang for buck top end card atm imho. OCUK have them @ £234 mark

    PSU - I'm running a Tagan 480w jobbie and it's super duper - you may want to go a bit higher with all the crap you will be running.

    HSF - If you want the best then an xp120 @ £32 with a 120mm fan.

    HDD - sata the bigger the cache the better.

    Ram - I would use the stuff you have (corsair) and use a divider when oc'ing cpu. See how far the cpu goes before looking at ram.

    Scan, Komplett, CPU city, Tekheads, Microdirect, Dabs, Ebuyer, are all pretty good etailers so have a look for pricing. OCUK have good specials sometimes atm it's 7800gt but beware any rma process.
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    cheers iranu ebuyer are cack though TBH! what do you recon 1gb or 2gb? i could use the 2x512 gb kit i have the GeIL value... but do you think the corsair 512 stick will be better?
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