k, i could do with some help regarding my new 5.1 setup.

I have a teratec aureon fun sound card, whcih is a 5.1 sound card, and i bought some videologic zx550's.

The problem is that i cant get all of the channels to work.

I bough tit mainly to watch dvds on my comp. and i am using powerdvd version 4 with both 5.1 and dts pluggins.

When i put the speaker setting to 5.1 the back right speaker doesnt get any sound and when i set to 4.1 the back left speaker doesnt get any sound (along with the middle one, but its not supposed to get any ). I have tried swapping round all of the speakers but to no avail.

could be some sort of driver conflict, but a reinstall hasnt fixed the problems either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.