just wondering what i could get if i was to sell of some of my current system its all working perfectly with the cpu running at 2.6 ghz (watercooled) it could probably do more but i thought that was a nice number to sit at , i could try pushing it further but i dont think it will go much more

graphics card was bought and soft modded into the 9700 pro and clocks well will include the arctic cooling vga cooler for it which is excellent and lets it clock past 9700 speeds im sure (cant remember not much of a gamer just wanted a card i could mod )

the mobo well everyone knows these boards.... it is flashed with a mantaray bios never had any stability issues it and the cpu run at 2.6 all day long days on end sometimes

the mobo is boaxed and will come with al accesories and instruction manual and the cd if i can find it in my driver cd drawer !

if not i will burn the latest bios flash menu nforce drivers sata drivers etc onto a cdrom cos the ones on the original disc will be well out of date !