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Thread: Anyone over 300Mhz FSB?? Intel Quad FSB 1200?

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    Exclamation Anyone over 300Mhz FSB?? Intel Quad FSB 1200?

    I hit 300Mhz FSB super easy.

    In fact I can boot easily in to windows higher than 300Mhz FSB. Tried 310 & 305 ( 3700Mhz+ CPU speed at only 1.6v) The CPU is fine, but something screw starts happening once I go over 300Mhz FSB. Memory benchmarks are fine. But anything with 3d goes screwy. I'm thinking Intel built something in that over 300Mhz FSB the AGP lock doesnt work correctly. They didnt want to give us overclockers too much fun. I've heard other people complaining of the same thing.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any luck or tips for over 300Mhz FSB.

    It looks like the only thing I can do to tweak my system would be to get some ram that does 240Mhz (DDR480) and change memory ratio from 2/3 to 4/5. Or new CPU with higher mulitplier.

    My ram is already near its limit at DDR400 with aggressive timings.

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    Hi chrisf6969,

    I know I have asked you before, but what bios are you using to get 300 fsb? AND more importantly is your system Prime95 stable by using a devider?? I have an excellent stepping P4 2.4C and I'm confident if I get the right settings, I can get 300fsb, but when I try anything over 270fsb using a divider, I get Prime errors?!? I know my chip can do 285fsb, I havent tried higher cos of the errors
    Any help appreciated........
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