I've had my sn85 for a couple years now, went through a v1 before a powersupply issue and RMA. Now my v2 is down.

The process started with an upgrade to 2 HD's then went south from there. I booted up without any problem a few times, then with for no reason, when i attempted to boot up my screen was just completely garbled. No text, just a series of colored vertical bars. So, i took out my video card and reseated it, thinking maybe that was the problem...the same thing happened for a while...so, i started digging a little deeper, i flashed the CMOS, took everything apart and put it back together. Now...there's a new problem. When I plug in the system it powers up instantly (without hitting the power button)...even with no video card in, it still powers up. (nothing on the screen mind you)

So, any advice? I went ahead and ordered a new sn85g4 v3, but i'd like to be able to get the V2 up and running as well.

Here are the specs:

Shuttle SN85G4 V2
Athlon 64 3200 (Clawhammer)
2 x Corsair XMS 512
Hitachi Deskstar 250GB SATA
ATI AIW 9800PRO (yes, it works...or at least it has for the past 2 years)