I feel my 3d mark scores are a little low...

Does anyone know any bios settings I should change on ulta-d? Is there anyway to dump my bios settings to a text document? OR should i take pictures with a digi cam?

Heres my system.

PC Specifications

DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D (310 Bios)
AMD Winchester 3200+
Geil 3200 2.5 2×512
Enermax 485w Noisetaker
Connect3d Radeon X800XL
Seagate Barracuda 160GB Sata
Liteon 16x DVD Rom
Liteon 12x DVD Writer

3D/PC Marks;
22505 - 2001se
10534- 2003
5032 - 2005


Counter Strike: Source Video Stress Test - 138.60 FPS, 1024×768, Model Detail High, Texture Detail High, Water Detail, Reflect All, Shadow Detail High, Anti Aliasing 4x, Antisotropic 2x & Shader Detail High, HDR Off.

Benchmarks done on: 01/10/2005
With the latest x64 Cats/nForce drivers.