Hi all,

It's got to the stage at the office where there just isn't enough room to work. So it's time to get a laptop.

As i work for a publishing company we mainly use Apple mac's. I work in I.T and i'm always finding myself being attacked by mac people telling me how bad Windows is and how i should jump on the Apple band wagon! well, no!!!!!!!!!

Here's my needs..

General Office applications (word etc)
In house monitoring software
I'll be running DVD backups through out most days
I'm going to be using it at home and it would be nice to have media centre.
AND MOST IMPORTANT IT NEEDS TO BE REALLY FLASH! (otherwise they'll take the p1ss)

Now i will be joining a domain and i know Media Centre doesnt allow that, but there are hacks that can get around that.

Here's what im looking at


It's intels new Duo processor so i'll be able to burn dvd's and carry on working.

What are your thoughts guys?

Oh and dont really want to spend much more than 1k EXT VAT. If it's a cracking machine i could be pushed??

Thanks all