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Thread: Computer says no :-(

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    Computer says no :-(

    Hi All,
    Having a bit of an odd problem. At the weekend I got a new waterblock for my DFI chipset. As I needed to reinstall everything anyway I took the opportunity to put my drives in a RAID array, and generally tidy everything up.

    I connected to the Sil RAID controller, powered up and got weird green blobs all over the POST screen. These vanished as windows booted, but would randomly occur again.

    As it was the only thing I changed, I guessed it must be something to do with the controller. I plugged everything back into the nVidia RAID controller, striped the disks, and installed.

    Now I get really bad tearing, lock ups and reboots when I try to play FEAR, FarCry etc. The gfx core is cool (as it's water cooled). The gfx RAM chips are hot, but cooled using heat sinks. I didn't have these on before and everything was fine.

    The point where the power goes into the card is pretty hot, but that was never cooled before, and I don't know if it was hot before.

    Nothing is overclocked as I pulled all the setting back to get WinXP to install properly.

    I'm at my wits end and I don't really want to have to start pulling bits out. Any one have any ideas?

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    Tried a BIOS update? if so your best bet is probably the DFI forums (

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