I'm now in some serious financial difficulties so I'm thinking of selling my pc if it's worth it. System specs listed below, how much do you think I would get for it as a whole or piece by piece?

Dell 2005fpw - Bought off ebay, no dead pixels, some backlight bleed but I only notice it when the screen is completly black. No warranty afaik.

Zalman Reserator - About 4 weeks old, blue, comes with CPU, NB and VGA blocks. Also a couple of metres of tubing although this is cut to fit my system (The res is about 1m from my machine).

P4 Northwood 2.8

2x512 Corsair Value PC3200

Samsung 80gb hd

Sony DVD-RW, no idea about specs for this. I pulled it from a Sony machine I had a couple of years ago.

Asus P4P800

X800XT AIW, complete with cables & remote

Antec SLK3000BQE case & PSU. The PSU is very quiet, i'll try and find the exact model number later. The case is in good condition but missing the front door. It is also fully soundproofed.

If anyone wants to view the system they are welcome. I'm in Norwich, pm me for more details.