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Thread: What do these mean?

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    What do these mean?

    Im a n00b at hardware and i was just looking at posts of the forums, there were 2 things i have no idea what they mean and i was just wondering.

    The first is "(AMD running at 2-2-2/1T Timings, and the Intel running DDR2 at 4-4-4.)" I know that the 2-2-2 is the latency, but what is the 1T? And how come the Intel one only has 3 numbers and no /[number]?

    Secondly, i read "intel conroe can do 1M Super Pi @ 21secs" Whats this mean? People said stuff like "wow thats fast" or whatever...but whats that got to do with speed? i thought speed was determined by the ghz, the clock speed, the cache bla bla. Maybe thats a stupid question but bear with i said i havent much of a clue about hardware.


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    Super Pi is just a way of telling how fast a CPU is. It calculate pi to so many decimal places (a fixed number, not sure how many). Obviously, the quicker the CPU, the lower the time taken to calculate pi.
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    But as with all benchmarks its not the be all and end all, as it only really shows how good the pc is at arithmatic, so for games it might be rubbish, a fairly popular benchmark though as mike said.

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