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Thread: So my laptop has's dvd writer has stopped writing DVDs, what do you think?

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    So my laptop has's dvd writer has stopped writing DVDs, what do you think?

    Comes up with these errors in Nero:

    During erasing a DVD RW:

    During writing a DVD RW:

    Does the same with single write discs but didnt want to waste one to get the error msgs. It reads CDs and DVDs fine and writes CDRs perfect too. Just has trouble writing DVDs.

    Sounds pretty dodgy when doing it too, kinda like a scratch noise or something. It comes up with power calibration errors.

    Reckon i can do anything to save the current drive? (Mat****a UJ-822Da drive inside a Sony Vaio S3HP)

    I was thinking maybe this would fit in the laptop?

    Or if anyone knows where i can get a Mat****a UJ-822Da drive? The S series Vaio laptops have received upgraded drives since but its still the same chassis so i'm thinking maybe i can fit one of the new dual layer drives in it?

    The rest of the laptop works perfect but i could really do with DVD burning again. input appreciated
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