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Thread: Which is better for cooling?

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    Which is better for cooling?


    Looking at overclocking an opteron chip, and I currently have a Vapochill Micro Extreme Performance:

    However I was half considering getting a Swifttech cooler a la this one:

    with a nice ultra quiet silenx fan on it, all of which I can pick up for just about £20 (2nd hand).

    I haven't had a chance to test the vapochill yet but don't wanna miss out on the swifttech if its a far better cooler, as I am gonna be looking at doing some serious overclocking. SO which is the better actual cooler, performance wise? Will the vapochill suffice or is it not really an overclockers cpu cooler?

    If it matters, the spec for the comp is:

    Opty 144
    Asrock Dual SATA2 939 mobo
    1gb OCZ EL DDR 3500 ram
    HIS ICEII Turbo x800xl


    edit: or another option is the Thermaltake Big Typhoon, again for £20:

    So are either of the two I don't have worth the £20 money it'll cost for them, or will the difference be negligible?
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