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Thread: My fuse box seems to be sending sharp spikes in my electronics

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    My fuse box seems to be sending sharp spikes in my electronics

    Ever since some lightning hit my house almost 3 weeks ago, one of my speakers has been making massive clicking sound every 20 minutes, on a fairly regular interval, it just sounds like a nasty electric spark sound at the maximum volume of the speaker. the speaker is a genelec 250 pounds speaker with all kinds of really quality electronics in it.

    If I plug it into a surge protected socket, the speaker is fine, what is going on, what can have happened to my fuse box? should I seek any compensation from the guys that installed the fuse box a few months ago, because at the same time there was a blown up antec power supply and some hard drives. and the guys were apprentices they were asking each other questions about resistance versus wire width. Thanks.
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    Sounds like junk in your power lines. A surge protector should also filter your AC wall voltage. I would run you electroics off a surge protector no matter what just to protect them and get them the cleanest power possible.

    Lighting happens, so I wouldn't blame the fuse guys. The main point of the fuses is to cutoff after a short circuit. Lighting can arc from the clouds to the earth. A few centimerers inside a fuse is nothing. Sorry about the damage though.

    The above was just my very basic understanig of stuff. You might also want to get a professonal electrician to look for the source of the junk that creates the click. It might be anything and malfunctioning power electronics can be unpleasant.

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