Im am looking to build myself a new system, my previous tower was a huge full size server tower (from Antec) and my reason for it was to host all my HD’s in that tower. Now I run a file server and no longer need so much local storage so I want to get an SSF.

What I do is professional photography, and hobby video editing using Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe Photo Shop along with some audio editing and gaming. All my platforms until now have all been Intel based, and for this system I want to stick to that.

So my wish list in an SSF is as follows: Intel Based, Dual WD Raptor HD’s + plus one local Large HD, As much RAM as possible (2gb or more), A High End Graphics Board, And to pack all this into a good shuttle box.

What would you recommend, like which shuttle model to take, which processor, ram, Video Card… etc.? My budget is at $1500 to $2000.