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Thread: Problems with New Sn25P Build

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    Problems with New Sn25P Build

    I just made a new SN25P build today from the following parts.

    Athlon 64 X2 4800+
    2GB Corsairz XMS 3200
    ATI x1900Xtx 512
    HannsG Flatpanel Monitor

    I reused my old Sata HDD, and my DVD/Rw Drive.

    Here's the problem, once everythign is connected, and i turn it on, no screen comes up. The fans spin, all led's that are supposed to be turned on, are turned on, the HDD Led in front is on during boot up, and i feel it spinning. The Vid Card is blowing full force, everything is going along, but i get no image. At first i've thought it were the Sata cables many ppl talked about, but i also had an IDE HDD, tried that out, still didn't work.

    One peculiar thing i've noticed is, when i unplug the 6pin connecter from my XTX, then and only then do i get a signal on the monitor, but it is only a warning message that the power is not connected to the vid card. I use a 6Pin power splitter to power the xtx and the mobo, and the vid card has 2 dvi outputs. I tried using DVi cables, and teh DVI->Analog converther thingy, i even plugged both in at the same time, but still no luck.

    In short, the question is, Could anyone explain to me the possible causes as to why i'm not getting an image during boot, or an image at all. Thanks.

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    I take it with another video card this boots fine ?

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    odd, never had a problem quite like this with my system.

    only no-restarts were due to duff SATA cables

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