I've no idea what this lot is worth anymore (if anything)
Please advice if you have any idea of it's value.

2 x Intel 520T 12 port managed 10/100 switch, 1 boxed and unused, opened only to flash to latest firmware, 1 bare, used for approx 6 months.

Compaq (Intel based) dual 10/100 NIC for use with above.

Asus CUR-DLS dual s370 mobo, Serverworks LE3.0 chipset, integrated ATI gfx, Intel 10/100 LAN, SCSI. 4x32 bit PCI, 2x64 bit PCI. 1 stick 1Gb
PC133 reg ECC, 2 x PIII 733 (I think they're 733).

Compaq smart array 2DH SCSI controller.

Pair of genuine matched Athlon MP1800s with HSFs.

Tyan s2462 dual athlon mobo. Integrated ATI gfx, dual 10/100 lan. AGP and 5 64 bit PCI.

1GB (I think 4 sticks of 256Mb, cos I don't know what I've done with it) ECC PC2100.