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Thread: Spudgers?

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    Mike Fishcake


    Anyone got any idea where I can get any of these from in the UK?

    I bought a load ages ago from RS, but we've lost or broken loads of them, RS no longer stock them, and I can't find any anywhere :-S

    Is there another name for them other than 'spudger'? I don't believe no one stocks them, they're an invaluable tool for anyone that ever opens any equipment such as laptops etc...

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    edit: insanely got any friends in the states that could buy them and post them out?

    edit: during my search i have found them being refered to as "apples black stick" and a "soldering tool" they are generally made out of nylon with glass reinforcement - that should help any searching
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    Mike Fishcake
    pak - thanks very very much!

    Not paying £6 each though - i will do a search for "black stick". With safesearch ON.

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