right, im looking to upgrade my gfx in the next month or so and would like some advice on what to get.

im not a power gamer, i just want to be able to play the latest games at a nice quality and speed cuz me monitor wont handle anything about 1200 x whatever it is lol.

im running an xp1800 palli (oc'd to 1.7ghz) with 512 2100 ddr on an abit kt400 mobo (8x agp) with currently a hercules 4500 prophet II.

yeah i know its a poor set up but it does for me

anyway i was thinking of spending around 150 quid, i have seen the leadtek 5900 lx for 170,

would this be a good investment as i usually keep my fgx for at least 18 months or until i really need to upgrade

and with the current games being dx9 required im finding myself replaying all my old games lol

any advice would be apprieciated