Just got a SD37P2 this will be my forth shuttle over the years so hope was high. Fitted it out with 2 gig of Kingston 667 ram, and an Intel Core2Duo E6600.

Having built it fired it up and installed WinXP Pro SP2. I started to run 3dmarks to bed it in. After 5 mins blue screen of death. After checking the error out on the web result where either overheating or dieing ram.

Checked the CPU and found I could use a little more paste. Re-applied some artic silver and all seems to be well. 30 mins later PC reboots. After checking out the CPU and system temp they seem to be a little on the high side. System around 55c CPU 58c, I can’t seem to find how hot e6600 can get. I have the bios set to smart mode. On my older shuttle’s the fan speed would speed up and slow down as needed.

I have installed Shuttle XPC Tools and set the CPU and system fans up to around the 2000 rpm mark and this seems to keep the system and cpu temp down at the 40-45c in idle and 45-49c under load.

I have also found that a lot of older software seems to crash a lot on Core2Duo, so I have been using runfirst.exe to force the code onto instance 0 CPU.

Anyone else having these sorts of issues? Any one know what an E6600 sure run at idle and underload ?