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Thread: SN41G2 takes 10 mins longer to burn dvd???

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    SN41G2 takes 10 mins longer to burn dvd???

    hello a friend of mine has bought one of these shuttles a decent one with nforce 2 chipset and decent mem chip etc,

    well anyway he changed to this from a standard tower and he's has nothing but problems with burning his dvd's he used to be able to burn a full 4.7gig disk in 30mins or less but now it takes 39mins everytime?

    i have thought it might be something to do with ide drivers, he has updated his px engine and viritas software etc so its not that anyone had problems like this i seem to think its down to the chipset rather than the shuttle any help appreciated...

    now i have told him to uninstall the nforce drivers and use the standard win2k ones but have had no joy

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    Try using the MS IDE controllers instead of the nvidia one.
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