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Thread: Help With My New Xfx 7900gs

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    Help With My New Xfx 7900gs

    Hey guys, this is my first post so bear with me!

    Just got a xfx 7900gs 256ram pci-e but having trouble getting it to work.

    msi-7053 925x mobo
    p4 3.0ghz 2md cache 800fsb
    1gb infineon 533mhz ddr2 ram (dual channel)
    160gb maxtor hard drive
    570 trust power supply with pci-e connection
    Nothing else worth mentioning.

    All parts are new and working fine I think.

    Now, when I put this card in and power up it shows the details for the card on the screen, then quickly flicks to the motherboard screen where it asks iof I want to enter bios, then it resets and repeats this. It doesn;t let me enter the bios or do anything, it just keeps repeating on this cycle.

    Curiously, if I plug in a ps2 keyboard then it doesn't show the mobo screen , it just keeps repeating the graphics card details and rebooting.

    I am confident everything is set up correctly etc and have tried another power supply. Also tried testing each ram dimm and they seem to be fine. I really want this to work, any help would be appreciated.!!

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    have you tried clearing the cmos or updating the bios also is that power supply up to a 7900gs they use about 18a on the 12v rail i believe

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    I have tried clearing the bios memory using the jumper but no change. I'm sure its not the power supply as i've tried it using the pci-e connector and also using 2 molex connectors with the attachment...surely this would be enough for one card!!! Also, I checked the nvidia website and they reckon this card is alot less power hungry than its 7900 relatives.

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